About Us

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The PONYTAIL lifestyle


Our Ponytail story began with Love and Friendship, and it continues with Love and Friendship. We are just adding more ingredients. And only the good stuff. How about Dedication – Awareness – Passion – Belief – Achievement… And there is more to come!

Our customers are the core, the beating heart in all we do. We aim to always keep an open mind, to listen to your needs and wishes. Our customers’ feedback is essential in our dedicated work to create the PONYTAIL APPAREL

Look good – make good

At PONYTAIL we do not only care about you looking great when working out - we are also dedicated to, and passionate about, this beautiful planet. We always strive to find the most environmental friendly solution when creating/producing/transporting the PONYTAIL APPAREL. Our goal is to leave as few ecological footprints as possible. Nature is also where we find many of our design ideas, we hope that you will wear your PONYTAIL clothes with pride, passion and happiness!


The Ponytail team